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Universal Credit…..   18 April 2018, Wigan became a ‘full service area’ in the on-going saga of dealing with DWP.

Here’s a copy of a summary to date for my GP practice regarding and government departments  to exactly what DWP has been up.


Dear GPs

Re: Allergies/ Chemical Sensitivities which manifest as Protracted Anaphylaxis

I have to inform you that, Dept of Works and Pensions (DWP), would like statements concerning my health records.

Could you please confirm on record for DWP – my medical history backs me up since 1999, regarding exposure to air freshener (dichlorobenzene see below) resulting in harm, organ damage and development of IgE allergies .


As this has now been going on for 18 years – I am sick of being harmed and legal rights denied, so this is my declaration and statement of disability , and if DWP or anyone wants to dispute anything I say, it can be stated on written record and contested across public record for once and all – especially amongst pathetic government departments in relation to the conduct of DWP and on what they have been allowed to get away with !

I am having to take such measures to establish basic human rights – all parties involved in this farce are getting a copy of this letter alongside an individual complaint letter for their pathetic part they played in this ie. NHS, DWP and Dept of Justice and Wigan Council, Conservatives and Labour parties.

Despite being housebound for a decade, in all this time have DWP have only paid 6 months monies in sum total, nor have provided any help, despite the fact I paid tax and NI for decades, so did my family.

For the last 8 years DWP, apart from leaving me with no monies, providing no resources, have completely made my life a misery.

There is no cure for allergies, they do have serious consequences, NO one should be subject to “toxic assault” or mistreat in this respect.- all allergy advice is to avoid allergens.

DWP are completely out of order, I have legal rights to ‘paper based assessment’ and to have a disability accommodated.   Given this is a digital age… there is no need for people such as myself to be inflicted with “face to face” harm.

The ratified UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and UK statutory Equality Act defines disability as:

“… someone who has a mental or physical impairment that has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on the person’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.”

Which even includes social interaction – it gives a legal right to have disability accommodate within society ! It also provides, there is no need for a person to establish a medical diagnosis causing their impairment, it is the effect of the impairment not the cause that has to be accommodated…   I also have the right to communicate in a manner that does not cause me harm.

Apparently, regarding new ‘Universal Credit’,   I am suppose to get my GP to confirm the fact that I cannot just be expected to go and work anywhere (un-accommodated)….. but, more to the point from my perspective, is that:

I should not be subjected to “TOXIC ASSAULT” regarding ALLERGIES    – irrespective of whether this is intentional or through negligence

Additionally regarding ‘Personal Independence Payment’ (PIP) despite the fact – I am legally classified as having a disability and certainly have rights to a ‘paper-based assessment’; DWP completely failed to inform me of, nor offered me this, and are negligently in not ensuring that this was use – it is blatantly obviously given my detailed written medical background, but instead DWP used their usual dirty tactics, to try and close my claim.

I do NOT accept DWP’s dirty tactics, where clerks turning up at my home and make me sick ie. “toxic assault”; certainly DWP didn’t check with either myself or my GP first to see if this was okay (it is NOT).   Nor did they make any provision on a H&S basis to ensure my safety – which makes their actions completely unacceptable apart from illegal and negligent for not using a paper based assessment given my application / medical history !

Furthermore on “toxic assault” if I resorted to treating people how they treat me, or decided to retaliated using a pepper spray, or sprayed other noxious chemicals for fun and left every place stinking of this – claiming this is okay as it smells nice – on a legal basis no one would put up with this, despite the fact, I would not cause them anywhere near the harmful effect allergens have on me.

DWP and NHS have very flawed systems and are failing to protect people while pretending otherwise; it should not be acceptable for NHS to have it’s patients treat like this (pg 12). I am detailing all aspects of this as it needs to be acknowledged regarding patients health and wellbeing to what exactly has been going-on.

To accommodate my disability, on postal signing previously, my GP wrote a letter, that DWP requested, DWP just ignored it, ie. no monies and certainly no help.

For four years, DWP gave me a paper trail run-around – despite getting their request GP letter.   DWP messed around and then tried to close my claim, saying postal signing was reserved for drug or alcohol addicts, or someone that is likely to physically assault JCP staff . Despite pointing out their own rules did not say this, they just used their standard response, always a non-committal customer service letter, stating that I could appeal this if I was not happy with….   on this basis, giving themselves a month at a time to respond, made me write to different people, various office, local, regional office, NW complaint resolution, central office, head office, chief executive, Tony Moron and ministers etc   Pathetically resulting in trying to actually get a case heard by the upper tribunal, but permission needs to be granted by Secretary of State, which of course was Iain Duncan Smith mate, DWP ex-minister Chris Grayling (how’s that for a government stitch up of denial of rights).

This latest DWP farce is ‘Universal Credit’, apart from trying to close my claim before I am even allowed to register – as I cannot attend their pathetic ‘face to face’ interviews; DWP are totally ignoring me in providing equipment to do this via Telepresence or electronic means etc.

And currently, I have only got this far as I posted a FOI request to rights regarding claim registration and facilities (of which they are trying to weasel out of answering). And, once again I have been subjected to “toxic assault”, as I refused to let them close my claim.

On this basis, they now want another GP letter –   so I am basically on the same treadmill as 8 years ago ie. I am now suppose to get my, GPs to state that: “I cannot just go and work anywhere” for Wigan Jobcentre, and for PIP – my GP needs to state a “paper-based assessment should be offered as an alternative”, which no doubt DWP will again ignore like postal signing, I have spent years appealing for common sense, whilst keeping vast amount of JCP staff in jobs, basically just to deny me £70 a week.

Furthermore, if DWP require information from my GP – it should be stated in writing, what they require and directly from my GP, and all parties ensure I receive a copy of this; not that DWP take any notice of what GP’s say anyway (pg 12)…. basically, it’s just DWP excuse and delay tactics to cause as much  inconvenience as they can. Claimant have their claims closed, have to contesting it over and over –   it keeps them in jobs, with the hopes, claimants just eventually give up and go away.

As to 8 years of misery through DWP – they claimed, on tribunal written record, I have restrictions to where I can work, so am not eligible to unemployment monies – likewise, hypocritically on their ESA criteria I am ineligible for monies, as I can press a button, put my hands above my head and on allergies, NOT sick unless DWP makes me sick by ‘toxic assault’ (ignoring this is a serious disability). As to Income Support DWP, have ignore me on all together despite I am suppose to be not eligible for either JSA or ESA – which basically means no entitlement to anything for (see appendix, FOI confirms to this to also being true for other people too, it is even acknowledge in Hansard transcripts too) .

Note,    DWP does not include people like me in their figures, and the latest DWP suicide of people registered – a 21 year old with Kidney disease, across in Chorley who like many, couldn’t take dealing with DWP anymore – yet another claimant of their book !


DWP are not going to get away with this, glance through this letter, and if you think the evidence in this letter is damning – tip of the iceberg see section DWP “blood on their hands “.

Note, all this fight and hassle is just to get me registered with the DWP; if I do manage to fight my way through this;   I then have a continued fight not be harmed by their vindictive clerks, who get paid to sanctioned people, weekly/ fortnightly reviews – contend with tick-box health assessment bureaucracy, health assessment by foreign companies that are allowed to operate on behalf of the DWP, but are considered illegal in their own countries (see appendix pg 16);   DWP are only interest is paying claimants less or NO monies (on record £16 billion goes unclaimed from DWP, wonder why).

In summary, on the basis of human rights regarding my declaration and statement of disability:   I have allergies, I should not be subject to “toxic assault” and provision should be made to ensure I am not harmed in daily life either intentionally or negligently.

Yours sincerely

Georgette Orwell

See also section;     Declaration and Statement of Disability – medical aspect, and DWP  “blood on their hands”.

DWP aim is to  cheat claimants of all monies,  leave them penniless, with certainly no intention of ever providing help to anyone.    So never be fooled by “health & wellbeing ” and any  political speak, it’s a complete sham,  Lord Freud is completely representative of political mentality behind DWP policies.



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