DWP rights denied

Please note, my advice to  claimants whose rights have been denied;   do NOT accept  Department of Works and Pensions (DWP)  refusing to register or just closing your claim as you cannot deal with their physical “face to face” interrogation.

You have a right to PBA –    PAPER-BASED ASSESSMENT  –  additionally,  under Human Rights, you have a right to communicate by any means that is not harmful to you…

Since Nov 2017, 164,000 people NOW have rights based on a court ruling, which further extends to anyone else whether you have an anxiety disorder, heart problems, serious allergies etc in as much as you have problems dealing with DWP including PBA as per below  (but  I doubt rights will last for long as DWP rules are ever changing to suit themselves and specialise in ignoring  or conning people out of their rights).


Please see  DWP  “blood on their hands ” section detailing mistreatment and deaths of people attributed to government policies and DWP conduct etc.

DWP are guilty of generally either cheating claimants of all monies or sanctioning them and leaving people penniless, with many dying miserable deaths as a result of government policies.   DWP assessors have no concern about adding to the stress of claimants with heart problems;   this is still on-going, with deaths or suicides on public record as recent as April 2018 etc.

Review DWP policies and conduct and it soon becomes clear – these are specifically designed to bully, sanction and deny benefits, and try and get claimant to work free in commercial organisations ie. (taxpayer boosting their profits).

A £5bn (billion) work program was launched in 2011, this has done nothing but harm people and statistically on gaining employment worse than doing nothing (this is confirmed by parliament’s, own committee reviews).

Despite overwhelming evidence, DWP has been still allowed to continued to cheat and hassle people, a boss of one of DWP many crony organisation on public record was even found to be helped themselves to an £11m salary and ‘benefits’ in one year –   while advocating DWP sanction claimants of their £70 pw for months to years at a time !   Official figures only 18,270 people out of 785,000 people enrolled on the DWP Work Programme actually got jobs that lasted longer than 6 months after the FREE slave-labour unpaid shelf stacking stunt.

Thanks is owed to the Freedom of Information (FOI) website, that allows people to find out what is going on and to all those who are working tirelessly to fight the wrongs of government and it’s EVIL empire of civil servants. Which has helped people like me, feel not so isolated and alone in this.

UK Welfare Reform Deaths ~ Updated List ~ October 21st 2014

Note despite, people do have legal rights – there has been little justice for claimants – there is no legal aid, no access to a solicitor. The first tier tribunal only has the power to acknowledge that legislation is ‘incompatible’ with the Human Rights Act, but no power to instruct the Government to amend social security legislation or enforce justice – which in my case the tribunal totally ignored Human Rights Act, H&S at Work, Equality Act etc.   Care Act 2014 the list goes on…. and as I later found out; you cannot appeal to the upper tribunal without the permission of Secretary of State, which at the time was Iain Duncan Smith’s mate ex-DWP minister Grayling (talk about government stitch up).


On top of having to deal with JSA (unemployment), ESA (disability or sick) leaving people in no-man’s land, now claimants now have to deal with ‘Universal Credit’.   This is just an umbrella term for making (or NOT) making payments of various ‘benefits’.

Eight years, DWP have been trying to block me from even registering……   let alone having to deal the next stage of bullying that goes on, as explained in my personal ‘DECLARATION AND STATEMENT OF DISABILITY summarising to my GP practice of how DWP are harming patients ‘Health & Wellbeing’ ie. just how I have been treat by the DWP and intend to use it, to ensure that government department do not turn a blind eye regarding DWP mistreatment of people.

Note, ‘Health and Wellbeing’ is just another parliament stunt, where masses of committees / pen-pushers debate and publish generalisations to rights… but of course, in real life and practice are completely ignored and denied, no implementation or common sense whatsoever, leaving people with no help or in some cases on worse than doing nothing.

Professor Mansel Aylward, Dame Carol Black, Lord Freud –  government propaganda committees, are basically fronts for Unum, Atos, and other commercial firms that profiteer from denying monies rather than ensure right and help is provided.

The true mentality of this was exposed expose time and time again, yet nothing done….   on Hansard on public record.


Lord Freud, a DWP minister….   to being absolutely evil, has actually confirmed DWP does not help people it is an exercise in bullying people and no concern to causing death or harm and leaving them penniles

“The WCA is not a medical diagnosis and the decision affects benefit only; it does not oblige anyone to work.” 

“Whilst the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions is legally responsible for all benefit decisions made by officials of the department on his behalf, there is no legal responsibility held by the Secretary of State for the well-being of benefit  claimants. “

“Therefore, neither DWP nor WCA healthcare professionals are liable for any adverse consequence suffered by a claimant following a decision that the claimant is fit for work or for work-related activity.”

This man is on parliamentary record, calls people “stock” – does anyone think he cares, that 10,600 people on official statistics died within 6 weeks of being told they were ‘fit for work’ ie.. left penniless and having to fight with the DWP for monies to just buy food pay their electric etc, instead of being allowed to be sick or die in peace.


As to the profiteering crony organisation and corruption –   this is a whole other blog, that people have worked tirelessly to expose, this is a good starting point….

As to the background and misconduct of DWP’s health providers ATOS, MAXIMUS etc…. in checking to this being true, it is easy to go direct to source regarding US court cases and where they get kicked out of their own countries nor can claim success etc……

“….   running “disability denial factories” and the Judge fined them $31.7 million. The company were ordered to re-investigate countless thousands of other refused claims, something the company has still failed to complete 7 years later. “



As to trying to government and DWP trying to justify sanctioning and inhumane treatment year after year and failing:

Nov 2016, the National Audit Office (NAO) chastised DWP for failing to monitor people whose benefits had been docked and suggested the system cost more money than it saved. (see below article with a link to – 16 ridiculous reason for sanctioning).


Two years later Oct 2018 again acknowledged “No evidence that benefit sanctions work”, finds secret  DWP report

There is even a video link in parliament of a Minister being questioned over people crying and distraught when claiming benefits from DWP

“This report shows that there is no evidence that sanctioning helps people increase their earnings. Meanwhile, wages are still below 2008 levels and millions of people are stuck in insecure work. 

The benefit sanctions system has long been fiercely criticised for causing hardship and depression, often on flimsy evidence of wrongdoing.


Hey, what can I say but DWP and MPs are lobotomised robots with flawed thought processes.



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