DWP hypocrisy FOI

Alongside various postings regarding DWP ‘blood on their hands’HSE limitations  , and  disability aspect  –  this posting  deals with Freedom of Information (FOI) and Department of Works and Pension (DWP) hypocrisy.

Note, DWP’s operation team operates anonymously and go to extreme lengths to avoid answering or providing information. Unsurprisingly this common place, causing vast expense and create many unnecessary jobs – all in the pursuit of not helping people and hiding what DWP doesn’t want the public to know.

Tories spend staggering £100million trying to stop disabled getting help they’re entitled to

Freedom of Information requests exposed how taxpayers’ cash has been spent on futile legal battles to prevent vulnerable people receiving help



Here is the end result of a simple  FOI request I lodged, which DWP manage to turn into a saga and denial of rights….

Dear DWP Operations Freedom of Information Team


I do not accept DWP refusal to provide information regarding my pen name, as this breaches fundamental human rights as per below, apart from common law rights regarding centuries use of pen names etc.

Therefore I have to escalate this matter, here is a copy informing the information commissioner of this FOI request as such:


As pointed out,   I have a website and use accurate sources of information.


Individuals, organisations, companies, charities are allowed to ask for FOI etc   Not only do I have a pen name for my website, but I also took the trouble to explain – given I am subjected to “toxic assault”, I have used this name for many years to protect my personal safety ie. so I will not be further targeted as I have been in the past.  I have established this is my ‘name’ for public purpose and am fully contactable as such, I am not known by my birth name nor do I intend to be etc….

Additionally regarding FOI section 8, NOTE both the information commissioner’s office and DWP have been remiss ie. on an individual’s basic rights to privacy and security – the UK is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, so additionally, I suggest all parties review article 19 and background in this area:


– Article 19 (Jun 2015) Right to Online Anonymity


– Kaye, D. (May 2015). Report of the Special Rapporteur on the UN promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression.


My Name is Campaign (Oct 2015) campaign against facebook real names


 Facebook changes ‘Real Name’ policy rules after public outcry

Therefore, right to freedom of expression and protection of the individual in a digital world is recognised here in the UK and internationally; ie. basic human rights states need to recognise the right to anonymous speech, the right to read anonymously, and the right to browse online anonymously; and regarding conflict – States should repeal those laws, regulations and policies requiring real-name.

As pointed out regarding my FOI, I comply to section 8.- (1)

  1. Is in writing
  2. States a name that I use, (my registered email address used to make the FOI is circa 20 years old, so is fully traceable)
  3. Asks for specific information under FOI.

And further complies to section (8) – 2, my request is moderated through a reputable website/ organisation, so is capable of being subsequently referenced eg. IP address, email etc !

I further have a right to communicate in a manner that is not harmful to me….. which is digitally, and DWP’s general failure to provide this information in the public domain / nor offer help, already is a breach of disability rights, equality on so many levels etc.   .

If DWP want to try to use loopholes of checking identity of people making the FOI instead of concentrating on responding to the content of request – then it’s for DWP/ government to provide a secure LEGAL means and ensure there are no detrimental consequences to the individual and maintain their rights !

Furthermore, FOI section 16 – this request cannot be discredited, as clearly given the lack of published information in this area, this cannot possibly be construed as vexatious or repeated request, and the request is mediated via a legitimate official website that handles FOI requests/ searches.

As pointed out, regarding the merits of this FOI request   ie. DWP acknowledging claimants applications, H&S aspect of assessment in physically progressing claims, what facilities are available etc, who are the personnel (job titles) responsible – as such a high percentage of the population have problems in this area (asthma, allergies, anaphylaxis), obviously a lot of people will want to know this the same as myself and not be prevented from accessing such basic information or ensure they are afforded suitable rights / help – which I can assure you many like myself have NOT received.

So in a nutshell, as to DWP hypocrisy on privacy and safety; confirmed on public record – DWP staff despite SUPPOSE to be acting in an official capacity use pseudonyms or give no names; therefore it is an utter disgrace – a member of the public cannot ask for FOI without being in fear of being targeted by government employees/ members of the public and DWP’s selective answering to who the individual is rather than merit of content of the request   –   exactly how is this FOI.

Therefore I have no option but to refer this matter to the information commissioner and expect them to review this in a professional manner – in accordance to basic human right regarding privacy and security and the general right of the public/ individuals to be able to access such basic information without harmed or threat of harm !

Yours sincerely

Georgette Orwell


DWP  goes to great lengths to protect and hide the effects of political meddling, poor policies and  service performance.

DWP ignores freedom of information laws in bid to hide universal credit impact

DWP ignores freedom of information laws in bid to hide universal credit impact

DWP’s team are suppose to be there to provide information and are just part of the civil service ie. who should be working for the tax payer and the general public.   DWP staff levels are higher than any other area of the civil service and disgracefully the FOI team failings are notorious, certainly not:

“politically impartial and independent of government and work in central government departments, agencies, and non-departmental public bodies”.


On record, it had to be admitted DWP policies in ‘helping’ people were worse than doing nothing.   DWP latest published antics would be laughable if it didn’t have such a total life destroying effect on hundreds of thousands of people…

The DWP just revealed the results of its new ‘back to work’ project. Oh dear…


Nor is this nothing new Jan 2012: DWP in court: challenged to reveal list it fears could make workfare “collapse” … It is thirty months since the original Freedom of Information request …..

DWP in court: challenged to reveal list it fears could make workfare “collapse”

FOI, Commercial High Street firms that used taxpayer benefits claimants for free unpaid labour (including the now bankrupt Poundland).

Government fought in the courts for four years to keep the companies’ identities a secret, saying it would damage their ‘commercial interests’


As to DWP being found to be a bunch of devious hypocrites:

Jun 2015: number of disabled Brits dying after benefits cut hidden by DWP, requested under Freedom of Information (FoI), are made public.



Apart from the general FOI assault course in trying to hold government accountable UK press freedom is not great as per this  extract:

Journalists in the UK are less free to hold power to account than those working in South Africa, Chile or Lithuania, according to an index of press freedom around the world.” 

“Laws permitting generalised surveillance, as well as a proposal for a new espionage act that could criminalise journalists and whistleblowers as spies, were cited by Reporters Without Borders as it knocked the UK down two places from last year, to 40th out of 180 countries in its World Press Freedom Index.”


Life dealing with the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) is worse than having to pull your own teeth – causing much pain, but with no actual recovery from the ordeal. On poverty and harm, DWP employment hypocrisy is limitless, but that’s a posting for another day.