In summary I am documenting, my personal experience of 8 years to how DWP mistreats people, and that I am still fighting in this respect.

Currently, this website is just logging the harm Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) have been inflicting on people and to draw attention to how government departments think they are above the law  ie. ignore legislation and basic human rights.

There are many blogs I intend to publish another day regarding “State Harm and Political Incompetence”.   I am a ‘Wiganer ’ and write under an obvious   ‘pen-name’  to protect my right to privacy and security of that of myself and my family, and expect people to afford me this curtsey and respect this.

To find out more about me….. read my disability – medical aspect section which details to how, I had no choice but to become involved regarding HSE failings of DWP ,  many are harmed, this is covered up and ignored.

Contact:   Georgette.Orwell@yahoo.com

Currently, I am swamped offline, fighting my corner; but do  intend to come back and add many more sections, covering such areas as the NHS, Education, Law, General Politics,  Allergy and ” toxic assault”,  and my background specialism toxicology.

Thank you for your many kind comments   –  please feel free to leave comments, but unfortunately I am unable to respond or moderate them at this time.

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